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Physical Exams

Pennsylvania requires a complete physical examination upon entrance into school, kindergarten/first grade and in grades six and eleven.  Students new to Pennsylvania schools must have a completed physical exam if one is not included in the record from their previous school.
Private physical exams may be completed by their child's private physician up to one year before entry into the specified grade.  We encourage parents to take their child/children to their own physician for the examination in order to provide continuity of care.  Your family physician is familiar with your child and is better able to detect any physical change and to follow through with needed care. Click below to print a private physical form for your physician to complete.
If desired, the school physician can perform the needed physical examination.  This exam is free.  Parents must notify the school nurse in writing if they would like their child to have the exam completed by the school physician.  A completed health history (First page of private physical form) is also needed for the school doctor to complete the exam.