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The Stewartsville Elementary School library services over 400 students and staff. Students regularly visit the library with their class once every six-day cycle. The students in First Grade to Fourth Grade have 40-minute long classes while Kindergarten and Life Skills have 30-minute long classes. All students and staff are encouraged to check out library books. The library has over 13,000 titles with books being sorted into sections. Junior Fiction and Junior Nonfiction (pink J stickers on the spine) are our easier to read books. Kindergarten and First Grade are only permitted to check out the "pink J" books. Then, we also have sections for Fiction, Nonfiction, and Graphic Novels. Students are required to bring their books back to every library class so that they can either return the books or renew them. If a child forgets a library book on his/her class's Library day, they are permitted to put a book "on hold" to save for next time.
The library is very fortunate to have parent volunteers to assist with shelving and checking books in/out while the librarian teaches the weekly lessons. The library also has a secretary, Mrs. Mary Jo Beisler, who assists with cataloging and repairing the library books along with several other clerical library duties. The librarian, Ms. Lauren Cribbs, has a traveling position. Due to Ms. Cribbs traveling between Sunset Valley Elementary School and Stewartsville Elementary School, the library is open on Days 4, 5, and 6.
Please click around this page to meet the librarian, see the library schedule and pictures of the library, and discover how you can help your child's library!