2022-2023 Flexible Instruction Days

2022-2023 Flexible Instruction Days

Similar to last year, the Norwin School District may use up to five (5) Flexible Instruction Days (FID) during the 2022-2023 school year. The purpose of a FID is to maintain a continuity of instruction through remote learning on a day when students are not able to attend in person. One of the main reasons the District requested permission to include Flexible Instruction Days this year was to avoid having to cancel school due to inclement weather.

In the event we experience inclement weather, the District may decide to operate on a two-hour delay schedule with students reporting to school late or may choose to enact a Flexible Instruction Day with students working from home for the entire day.

The District will notify families of any schedule changes, including delays to in-person instruction or Flexible Instruction Days, through a posting on local television stations, the District website, a text message, and a District eBlast.

To help families prepare for a Flexible Instruction Day, please see below an explanation of what the day will look like at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Elementary (K-6):

  1. Students will not report to school and instead will learn from home for the day.
  2. Grades K-6 will operate on a 2-hour delay schedule. This will give teachers and families time to prepare for instruction.
  3. Classroom teachers will share a schedule for their homeroom/team.
  4. Teachers will enter the day's assignments and will include a Google Meet link in Google Classroom/Schoology for each class.
  5. Teachers will stay on the Meet for the entire time block, and students are invited to optionally join the scheduled Meet to get assistance from the teacher during their scheduled classes. 
  6. Attendance in the Meet is encouraged but not mandatory as we know that younger students may not always have internet access while under the supervision of an adult other than a parent/guardian. Attendance for K-6 is recorded based on the student's completion of the work assigned in Google Classroom/Schoology. It is expected that students will complete the work during the Flexible Instruction Day and turn it in upon returning to school the following day. If additional time is needed to complete the work, parents/guardians should reach out to the teacher.