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Math Resources

Google Classroom 
Fallone 3rd Grade Math 
-If you access your google account and select Google Classroom you will be able to join my classroom. 
-Enter my class code: 59hk2gp
- Once in my Google Classroom you will be able to access assignments, extra practice resources and various other pieces of information related to my class.  
- I'll continue to update throughout the year and I encourage you to join and review when able. 
Fact Practice: Work through these links below to advance your multiplication, division, addition and subtraction fluency. (printable worksheets to reinforce fact recall) (customizable worksheets to help fact recall) 
Pearson online 
Username: First five letters of last name, followed by first three letters of first name, then 000
Password:  your child's birthday (must be 8 characters) 
Ex.  fallonic000
       03261990  (neat way to engage your family around dinner time)  check it out!