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Team MVP

Each week I will select a student to recognize.  The purpose of this is to increase self-belonging in the classroom and acknowledge everyone’s uniqueness.  I will be sending home the nomination every Friday.  That MVP will bring back documents to post on the board.  The students will have an opportunity to talk about their pictures, awards, letters and notes that they bring in.   Parents can be great helpers for this project, but it is the students’ responsibility to help gather some ideas and materials. It should be FUN and STRESS FREE!    


Team MVP Board- Optional items to bring in

Pictures (school appropriate)



Past school work

Favorite books/movies

Letter from parent (this letter can be a serious letter/a funny letter/ a letter that describes a past story of your son or daughter/or anything you want us to know about your child)


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.  I will pick one student every Friday that is worthy of our classroom MVP.  Our classroom MVP practices discipline on a daily basis, completes assignments, works hard and displays full understanding of Norwin’s Character Education Traits (respect, responsibility, courage, honesty, caring, fairness and perseverance).



2018-2019 Team MVP List: 


(9/8/18)  Nia O.- Nia is our first MVP of the year.  I am so impressed with her ability to make everyone feel included, her lazer straight focus in class and her will to be successful.  Nia embodies what it means to be an MVP and makes everyone better around her.  I'm excited to watch her grow and develop throughout the year. 


(9/14/18) Dante C.- Dante is our second MVP of the year.  He works hard everyday and sets a great example of what a team leader looks like, sounds like and acts.  Most times, you'll find that Dante is one of the first students with their book out and is always "itching" for harder problems.  Dante is well deserving of this weekly award! 


(9/21/18) Aubrey C.- Aubrey was an easy choice for our week 3 team MVP.  She is a quiet student who leads by example.  Aubrey is not only a hungry learner but she has a caring heart for her peers as she is quick to support them by any means necessary.  As she grows, expect big things to happen in her future.  Well done, Aubrey.  Well done.


(9/28/18) Olivia A.- Olivia won our week 4 team MVP award for multiple reasons.  Olivia soaks up new information daily, she is interested in being challenged, seeks new opportunities to grow and demonstrates what a Knight truly represents.  We are all grateful for her positive attitude and love of school.  Keep up the great work, Olivia.    


(10/5/18) Jaelyn W.- Our week 5 team MVP is a quiet and composed leader.  Jaelyn leads by example and is quick to follow directions and complete whatever is asked of her.  She has a calm presence during class but is an exciting and entertaining student when the opportunity presents itself.  Simply put, Jaelyn makes our team better!   


(10/12/18) Nolan T- Our week 6 MVP was award to our well rounded student-athlete.  Nolan works hard in the class to put himself and others in a position to be successful.  Always on task, always giving his best effort and always willing to engage in new challenges and tasks.  Nolan displays a great Growth Mindset day in and day out.  


(10/19/18) Mila P- Mila is a well deserving week 7 MVP.  This award was overdue as Mila has been an electric part of our classroom since day one.  Her drive to learn and help others is contagious and she always has a great attitude.  Mila is a strong leader that puts others first.  Thanks for all of your efforts, Mila! 


(10/26/19) William L- William is our week 8 MVP.  William has shown a tremendous amount of growth since day 1.  I know team MVP has been on his mind and he has worked hard at displaying ALL of the qualities needed to be an MVP.  William is a perfect example of all that can be accomplishment with a Growth Mindset.  


(11/2/18) Mia M- Mia is our week 9 MVP.  Quiet, humble, hard working and positive are all words that could describe Mia.  She has an ability to do the right thing at all times and stays focused on the task at hand.  Mia has a calm presence about her that makes everyone want to be her friend.  I'm so happy she landed in room 27 with us all! 


(11/9/18) Alexis R- Alexis was our MVP this week.  What an awesome year of growth for Alexis so far.  We talk a lot about growing our brain and having the ability to challenge ourselves by making little improvements everyday.  Alexis has done a great job growing herself and her mindset of what it means to be a learner and teammate.  


(11/16/18) Jocelyn C- Jocelyn was an easy pick for MVP this week.  She is quiet, keeps to herself, displays all of the right characteristics but this week she really stepped out of her shell and started supporting her peers more.  Being an MVP requires multiple traits and Jocelyn put them all on display this week.  So glad she is part of our class! 


(11/23/18) Ty C- Ty has earned our team MVP this week.  Ty continues to make growth as he progress through the school year and is a student who isn't afraid of a little hard work.  He keeps to himself but he is a great classmate and teammate to have on your side.  I have enjoyed working with Ty as he is a great kid with a bright future. 


(12/7/18) EJ L- EJ was our team MVP this week.  EJ was excited to win this award because he has worked hard to put himself in a position to learn and succeed.  Making the right choices and engaging at the right times is something EJ prides himself on.  He is a great student and I love having him in my class.